A young kid wanting to travel overseas managed to hide inside an airplane engine, but he was apprehended by the police.

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Young boy rescued by police

In a video that has gone viral on the internet, he can be seen descending from the plane’s wings with a backpack carrying his things.

The exact location of the incident is unknown, but a video posted to Instagram by Tunde Ednut shows police officials telling the youngster to exit the plane’s engine.

He dropped into the arms of the security operatives with much fear.

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Because he was hiding where the propeller is, he was lucky to have been discovered before the plane’s engine was started.

“He was caught in there trying to escape from Africa. Apparently, he’s tired and wants to travel abroad, so he sneaked into the airport and hid in there.

That place he hid in is actually dangerous, that’s where the fan or na propeller is Oo! abi no be so? I hope he wasn’t arrested sha.

People are really going through a lot. I hope he’s okay wherever he is. You will travel abroad someday, but not like this. You have to go through the right process. It is well,” Tunde Ednut captioned the video.

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Meanwhile, some of Tunde Ednut’s Instagram followers have reacted to the incident, with some requesting that the youngster be consoled and counseled instead of being shamed.

Some individuals added claimed it was fortunate they caught him early since his antics would have put passengers in danger if the plane had taken off.

Watch the video below.


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