A few years ago, WhatsApp introduced the ‘Remove for Everyone’ feature, which allowed users to delete messages they had sent by accident.

Whatsapp Messenger

This feature will remove any messages sent inadvertently or to the incorrect contact or group. However, the caption ‘This message was removed’ will remain.

Furthermore, the instant messaging platform sets a time limit for both parties to erase the message.

WhatsApp appears to be on the verge of removing the time limit. According to rumors, WhatsApp is working on lifting the time limit it has placed on the feature and would allow users to erase messages for a longer length of time than before.

Delete for Everyone

For the time being, the Meta-owned instant messaging software allows users to remove messages sent to all users for up to 4096 seconds, or just over an hour after they were sent.

When the function was first introduced in 2017, the timing was expanded from a seven-minute window to a fifteen-minute window. According to the leak, the business may eliminate the timer entirely in a future version.

Notably, if this allegation is accurate, WhatsApp will not be the first instant messaging service to remove the ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature’s time limit. Users of Instagram and Telegram can already erase previous messages from their apps without a time limit.

With the current state of development, WhatsApp users can remove a message for everyone without any time constraints, according to the study.

However, we must wait to see if this function will undergo further changes over time. Only when the feature is finally given out to users via a future update will we know.


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