In his final game for Barcelona, Gerard Pique was dismissed after allegedly launching an expletive-filled outburst at the official.

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Last week, the defender made his decision to quit playing football.

And following Barcelona’s victory over Almeria over the weekend, he said a tearful goodbye to the Nou Camp.

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The following Tuesday, Pique, 35, was named to the bench for the match against Osasuna, but he still managed to be sent off because he once more let his feelings get the better of him.

According to Mundo Deportivo, Pique confronted referee Jesus Gil Manzano and asked him: “Did you see the corner you gave against us?

“You are the referee that has f***ed us over the most by a distance.

“It is a f***ing disgrace. “F*** your mother.”

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On their Twitter account, Mundo posted the referee’s report outlining Pique’s remarks.

The referee’s decision to dismiss Robert Lewandowski during the first half infuriated Pique, who was named as one of the substitutes. They engaged in an argument that extended into the tunnel.

He was then dismissed for his protesting, preventing him from playing in his final match for Barcelona.

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Not just Pique and Lewandowski have endured Manzano’s fury while playing for Barcelona.

While representing Barcelona, Neymar, Luis Suarez, and Lionel Messi were all dismissed by the referee.

Like Pique, Messi seemed to have animosity toward Manzano and once declined to shake his hand after a game.


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