After a cheating husband who couldn’t zip up his trouser was caught by his wife enjoying some wonderful time with another woman, there was drama.

wife attacks husband with a bottle

Many marriages are formed on the foundations of love and trust, and the parties are expected to uphold these ideals till death do them part. Many things in society, however, have demonstrated that these married couples are not always true to their partners.

In Ghana, for example, the term ‘side chick’ is commonly used to describe unmarried women who date married men for love or financial gain.

Wives of days, on the other hand, have opted to take matters into their own hands and not be caught brooding over their husbands’ transgressions.

A video of a married lady accosting her spouse recently made the rounds on social media.

The unfaithful husband’s wife was merely passing by when she noticed her husband drinking in an open bar with his suspected side-chick.

The betrayed wife went insane and attacked her husband with a bottle, while stunned onlookers wondered if they were watching a scene from a soap opera or a Hollywood film.

The unfortunate man attempted to calm his wife down, but she proceeded to kick and punch him.


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