Shatta Michy, a Ghanaian socialite and former fiancée of Shatta Wale, believes the latter portion of their relationship got unpleasant.

Shatta Michy has said that she had to practically run out of Shatta Wale’s house after he proposed to her on stage a few weeks ago.

Despite Shatta Wale’s wealth, she claims she hurried out of his house without picking up any of her stuff.

She didn’t wear sandals and wasn’t clothed when she went. Her son Majesty was wearing only boxers and she was dressed in a bathroom robe.

She’s speaking forward because she’s fed up with the public’s portrayal of their relationship as flawless.

Shatta Michy blamed herself over their breakup since she was completely devoted to Shatta Wale.

“After the proposal, it got worse, it got unbearable,” she said. “That’s the only word I can use.”

“What you guys don’t know is I literally ran and left my clothes, I did not carry chalewote (slippers). I did not carry one outfit or dress. Not a wig, I was in a bathroom robe, and my son was in boxers.”

“Nobody knows this. I’m tired of [the relationship] being made to look like everything was good. They don’t know what happened and I just got up and left. No!”

She continued by saying that: “For me to run and leave my clothes, it was an unbearable situation. I loved him too much.”

Shatta Michy and Wale had been dating for several years before their son Majesty was born.

Michy recently stated that her years with Shatta Wale was a waste of time, and their relationship has struck a snag.

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