Usain Bolt, the Olympic legend, has been focused on his family and personal life since his retirement. Bolt and his long-time partner, Kasi Bennett, have three children together and may be expecting a fourth.

Kasi, Bolt and their first daughter Olympia

Olympia Lightning Bolt is Usain Bolt’s firstborn daughter, whom they welcomed into the world in May 2020. Thunder Bolt and Saint Leo Bolt, their twin sons, were born in 2021.

Kasi Bennett, the sprinting legend’s lady love, has been dating him for six years. The pair have always kept their private lives out of the spotlight. Bolt, on the other hand, broke the news about his children to his followers.

Bolt answered a few questions about his future ambitions in an interview with Men’s Journal. When it came to one of the questions,

” If you have a fourth child, what would you name them?” Bolt said, “For me, if it’s a girl, it would definitely be Rain. That’s something that we talked about and a boy we haven’t really talked about that. I don’t know what I would name the boy. But definitely, if it was another girl, Rain.”

Parenting is more difficult for the eight-time Olympic medalist than the Olympics. “It’s mayhem in the house,” Bolt says when all three of his children are sobbing. Thankfully, he and Kasi have the support of their families when it comes to dealing with the upheaval at the Bolt house.

Usain Bolt has won a record-breaking eight Olympic gold medals during his brilliant and gratifying track and field career. Despite the fact that he retired in 2017, he still holds the title of the world’s fastest man. While he is no longer competing on the track, Bolt maintains a frenetic lifestyle as he concentrates on his music career.

Despite this, he still makes time for his family.



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