To maintain the Winter Olympics in Beijing as “safe and successful as possible,” the International Olympic Committee declared on Wednesday that no tickets for events would be sold outside of mainland China.

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Competitors who are not fully vaccinated will face 21 days in quarantine if they wish to take part in next February’s Winter Olympics in Beijing.

On Wednesday, the International Olympic Committee confirmed the length of the quarantine, as well as the fact that no tickets will be sold outside of mainland China.

The IOC’s Executive Board 2022 was informed of the organizers’ criteria for delivering “safe and successful Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games on time.”

The Paralympic Winter Olympics will take place from March 4 to 13, with the Games starting on February 4 and lasting 16 days.

In a statement about unvaccinated entrants, the IOC noted, “Athletes who can prove a justifiable medical exemption will have their cases reviewed.”

Competitors and officials who have been fully vaccinated will be free to wander around Beijing after they arrive, at least within the confines of a “closed-loop control system.”

This will include regions and stadiums relevant to the Games, as well as lodging, catering, and the opening and closing ceremonies, all of which will be served by a dedicated transportation system.

All local and international competitors, as well as all members of the organizing team, will be subjected to daily testing, with more details to be announced at the end of October.

On Wednesday, China announced that more than a billion people had been fully vaccinated, and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) welcomed the news that venues may be filled.

“This will help to promote the expansion of winter sports in China while also creating a welcoming environment at the venues,” the statement read.


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