Before Tuesday’s Champions League matches, renowned presenter Kate Abdo launched a vicious attack against former Manchester City star Micah Richards.

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At the CBS Sports Golazo, Abdo welcomed her guests, who included Richards, Jamie Carragher, and Thierry Henry.

But the presenter swiftly brought up one significant distinction between them: only Henry and Carragher have ever won the Champions League in their professional careers.

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Abdo said: “[I’m] Joined by the Champions League winner with Barcelona Thierry Henry, Champions League winner with Liverpool Jamie Carragher and the man with five appearances in the Champions League Micah Richards.”

TV host Kate Abdo DESTROYS Micah Richards on camera.

Then the camera centred on Richards, who was taken aback by the abrupt introduction.

The former defender struggled to find the right words while Henry and Carragher burst out in laughter.

Richards responded: “That’s cold blooded that is, Kate.”

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Later, it was brought up that the former England international had only managed two victories and three defeats in the Champions League.

The 34-year-old, however, is adamant that City were only beginning their journey toward being the elite team they are today.

Richards continued:”We was a new team. For the ones that could do it now, we was building them foundations.”

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After Abdo’s comment, fans instantly joined the fun on Twitter.

One fun tweeted: “I dunno how you recover bro.”

Another posted: “I could watch this all night.”

A third said: “Dead cold.”

This fan stated: “You did him dirty.”

And that one tweeted: “Damn Kate.”


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