We usually link onions with crying or creating a wonderful meal, which is understandable given how frequently we use onions in our cuisine. But did you know that onions may be used for a variety of different purposes? In fact, one onion can be highly helpful in treating a variety of diseases.

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Over 7,000 nerves in your foot are in contact with the rest of your body, according to medical science. That’s why putting an onion in your sock can benefit you in more ways than just one. The onion will cleanse your entire body once you’ve placed it in your sock. It will extract bacteria and germs from your body, and because the skin of your foot is so thin, the good bacteria and chemicals will be absorbed into your bloodstream much faster. The onion also cleanses your blood in that way while you’re sleeping through it all!

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Apparently, placing an onion in your sock before bed will help you recover faster from a cold. Because of their excellent healing abilities, onions will make you feel better. Onions are known for their ability to absorb odors and improve air quality. Bacteria will be absorbed by the onion and your blood will be purified if you put an onion in your sock before going to sleep. It’s critical to use organic onions that haven’t been chemically treated.

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It is vital to utilize biological, unsprayed onions for this method. If you don’t, the harmful substances will enter your bloodstream, which is the exact reverse of what you want. The medicinal activity of onions is confirmed by Dr Lauren Feder, a homeopathic doctor in Los Angeles, California. Colds, bladder infections, earaches, and toothaches are all believed to be helped by this method. Onion use in medicine has been quite common for a long time, especially in China. It’s certainly worth a go! So, before going to bed, chop an onion in half and place it in your sock near your heel. However, scrubbing your feet a bit more in the morning might be a good idea…

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