The World Cup final between Argentina and France, which took place in Qatar’s Lusail Stadium, is often regarded as the best of all time.

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Messi and Angel di Maria had put the South American champions ahead 2-0 at the break as France struggled mightily.

Both teams had opportunities in the second half, but Kylian Mbappe’s penalty conversion in the 80th minute allowed his club to tie the score. A minute later, Mbappe’s brilliant equaliser for France turned the game on its head.

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Messi scored in extra time but was denied again as Mbappe converted a last-second penalty to clinch his hat-trick.

However, Messi was victorious as Argentina defeated France 4-2 in the shootout.

The entire globe watched in awe as Messi raised the golden trophy during the trophy presentation.

However, many supporters believed Messi having to don a black cloak in order to carry the trophy partially detracted from the event.

But the gesture’s real significance made it clear that a momentous moment had actually occurred.

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According to content creator Tallie Dar, who wrote on Twitter: “Messi’s black cloak is called a ‘Beshth’. Arabian warriors wore it after a victory.

“It’s also worn by the royal family. King of Qatar honoured Messi as a sign of respect. Signifying Messi as a warrior who won for his country Argentina.”

Dar added: “Messi is being honoured as royalty in his Argentinian shirt, as the King of Football.

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“It’s poetic. I don’t expect haters to understand because small minds will never get to king level.”

After experiencing disappointment in the 2014 World Cup final, Messi is now at last a World Cup winner.


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