Joseph, 52, has been pregnant for ten years despite the fact that it is impossible and highly rare for a guy to become pregnant. He wasn’t always like this, says the father of four; he was born a normal, healthy boy.

Joseph the pregnant man

In 1994, he met and married his wife, with whom he had four children. He is very happy in his marriage, which he has had for 27 years.

Joseph and Wife

Until he was diagnosed with this ailment, he lived a terrific life and was incredibly happy. He worked for a Dutch firm for 15 years, and he earned a good salary.

Unfortunately, this did not last, and after only a few years, he was fired from the company. Things began to go wrong at that point; he possessed some properties but wanted to sell them in order to start a business. The company appeared good at first, but after a few months, it failed. Because he and his family had no other source of income, life was becoming increasingly tough for them.

To his dismay, he became seriously ill at this time. During the previous six years, he had visited the hospital countless times, but nothing had been done. He eventually sold his last home to be able to attend a more modern hospital.

He says that his huge stomach has nothing to do with pregnancy. He was found to be infected with the influenza B virus after additional testing. This disease is spread through bodily fluids, and the treatment was too expensive for him to purchase. He tried everything he could to pay for his therapy but couldn’t since he couldn’t find work, had to sell his last house, and had to look after his wife and children. He was on the edge of passing away. Furthermore, he faced it, but it refused to accept him.

His buddies who had always been at his side when he was having a good time had all deserted him when he needed them the most. He has suffered a significant setback as a result of this.

With life smacking him in the face and people fleeing him, he has turned to God and prayed that one day all will fall into place.


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