The EU has presented a set of recommendations aimed at reducing the red tape that Brexit’s Northern Ireland Protocol has imposed on Irish Sea trade.

The European Commission’s proposed regulations would result in an 80% reduction in checks for retail agri-food goods arriving in the region from the United Kingdom.

Maros Sefcovic, deputy president of the European Commission, claimed the EU has “turned our rules upside down and inside out” to find a solution to the NI protocol concerns when he announced the ideas on Wednesday night.

It comes after Dominic Cummings said that Downing Street had always intended to “ditch” aspects of the Brexit deal and that Boris didn’t fully comprehend the accord.

Boris Johnson “never had a scooby-doo” on the ramifications of the deal, according to the former main adviser to the Prime Minister, as the UK presses Brussels to amend the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Mr. Cummings’ remarks, which came as the EU promised “very far-reaching” proposals to resolve the crisis, were described as “very alarming” by Leo Varadkar-Ireland’s deputy prime minister, who warned political leaders not to enter any agreements with the UK Government until they are “confident that they keep their word.”


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