For the first time in three years, ROMAN ABRAMOVICH has returned to Stamford Bridge.

Roman Abramovich. Credit AFP

However, the Russian-Israeli Chelsea owner will be absent from the Champions League match between his team and Juventus.

Due to immigration issues, Abramovich had to postpone plans to renovate the stadium, which would have cost £1 billion.

However, as an Israeli citizen who does not require a visa, he is in London and continues to assist the anti-antisemitism charity work.

And Israeli President Isaac Herzog applauded the billionaire for leveraging Chelsea’s high-profile platform to promote reform and growth.

Abramovich, 55, attended a small event in West London Stadium on Sunday with about 50 individuals.

The event was organized to show Solomon Souza’s exhibit 49 Flames.

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Souza’s effort is part of Chelsea’s ‘Say No To Antisemitism’ campaign and pays tribute to Olympic athletes who perished in the Holocaust.

The Blues’ owner also paid a visit to the Imperial War Museum’s Holocaust Galleries, which he helped to fund with donations.

Herzog said: “In the face of rising antisemitism from all extremes, it is our responsibility to stand up to all forms of racial and religious hate, to speak out against extremism and discrimination and to educate the next generation about tolerance and mutual respect.

“Thank you, Roman Abramovich, Bruce Buck, leaders, players and members of Chelsea, working together with you over the past few years has been a true honour and pleasure, in combating and saying no to antisemitism.

“This has left me hopeful. Your football club is a shining example of how sports and teams can be a force of good and for shaping a more tolerant tomorrow.

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“Thank you all for recruiting your influence in sports, perhaps the most powerful instrument for reaching the greater public, as an educational tool against antisemitism and racism and for the advancement of mutual acceptance and diversity.”

In early October, Abramovich returned to London for a visit with relatives.

He did not, however, make any public appearances before going home.

Despite the fact that the Blues face Juventus on Tuesday night, he will not be in the expensive seats to watch the game.

A spokesperson told The Telegraph: “Mr Abramovich will not be attending the match as he has a previous commitment elsewhere to a charity which he supports.”

“First of all I don’t know if he is in London and will be tomorrow,” manager Thomas Tuchel said when asked if he had seen Abramovich during his current trip.

“That maybe answers the question as to whether I met him. No.

“I think firstly and most importantly, he is a football fan. A huge football fan. He’s in love with the game and in love with the details.

“He wants to know everything about it, about what is going on here in Cobham [Chelsea’s training ground].

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Abramovich has seen his team play outside of the UK despite not attending any home matches since 2018.

He attended the 2019 Europa League final in Baku and then watched Thomas Tuchel’s side defeat Manchester City in Porto in May.

In May, the oligarch also watched Chelsea play Barcelona in the Women’s Champions League final in Sweden.


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