THE 209 teams in the Premier League have been asked if they want to amend the Covid postponement guidelines.

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Following the recent series of games being called off, notably the North London derby, where Arsenal had only one Covid case, pressure has been rising on League bosses to act.

The Premier League now wants the 20 club bosses to convene next month for a “shareholder” meeting to examine the matter.

According to league rules, any modification must be approved by 14 of the 20 teams, and to rewrite the rules in the middle of the season, two-thirds of the clubs must agree.

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At this point, it appears doubtful, since the majority of club managers have stated that they prefer to keep the possibility of appealing for postponements under the current rules rather than put themselves at a competitive disadvantage to rivals who have already taken advantage of the existing options.

The league board said in a statement on Wednesday. “The Premier League is consulting with our clubs regarding COVID-19 postponement rules and guidance in light of the changing national picture and the falling number of cases within our squads,”

“The league’s current guidance was amended in December following the emergence of the new Omicron variant and we continue to monitor the ongoing effects of the virus and will update our guidance accordingly.”

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The Premier League will have more than two weeks to examine postponement regulation modifications.

Teams must fulfill fixtures if they have 13 outfield players and one goalkeeper available, according to current rules.

However, this has resulted in 21 postponements so far, with injuries being as much to blame as Covid in certain situations.


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