Following the release of her films, a gorgeous Ghanaian lady who sells Kenkey for a living has stirred a social media buzz.

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Beautiful Ghanaian who sells Kenkey

In Ghana, finding a comfortable career that you enjoy is difficult, which is why many Ghanaian graduates are turning to entrepreneurship.

Most graduates with degrees in engineering, medicine, economics, and other fields end up starting their own businesses.

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This decision may be made because the graduate wants to try something new, but it is more often made due to a lack of suitable employment opportunities.

In the case of ‘Dani,’ she decided to start selling Kenkey since it was something she wanted to do, and it has been successful for her.

Instead of serving customers in restaurants and hotel rooms, this lovely lady makes a decent living by selling Kenkey.

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She has all she needs to live comfortably if she marries a spouse, yet she still gets her hands ‘dirty’ to make a living and maintain her dignity.

It’s no surprise that her video below is becoming viral on social media.

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You can watch the video below


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