An angry customer took an unexpected approach to communicate his displeasure over unauthorized deductions made to his account

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Man threatens to Kill himself with a robe in the bank

An enraged customer used an unusual technique to express his dissatisfaction with unauthorized account deductions.

After his money was given to cyber fraudsters, an unidentified Nigerian man was caught on film attempting to kill himself in a banking hall.

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In a video released on social media, a bank official can be seen attempting to calm him down while he strangles himself with a wire around his neck.

According to a Facebook user who shared the video, hackers broke into the man’s account and stole almost N450,000, prompting him to go to his bank, where the hacker’s account was identified and frozen.

He was advised to get a court document to establish that he was not the one who conducted the transaction after it was successfully banned.

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However, when he received the court paperwork, he learned that the money had been released after the hacker’s account had been unfrozen.

This irritated him, so he determined to terminate it all. Watch the video below


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