After poisoning a woman’s drink with cocaine, a man sexually raped her while she was asleep.

In February 2019, Sean Howarth targeted the 19-year-old while she was out with pals in Manchester.

He then enticed her to a hotel, where he drained her bank account by accessing her phone with her thumbprint.

After pleading guilty to sexual assault, Howarth was sentenced to seven years and two months at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court.

The 31-year-old, of Newsome Road in Huddersfield, also guilty to supplying a Class A drug and giving a chemical with the intent to conduct a sexual offense.

Howarth, who must sign the sex offenders’ registry for the rest of his life, had joined the group of women at the nightclub where he had made unwanted advances before providing cocaine to one of the companions, according to Greater Manchester Police.

According to the police, Howarth, who is from Rochdale, poisoned his victim’s drink with cocaine, causing her to become ill and incoherent.

He transported her to the Royal Toby Hotel in Rochdale, where he informed the night porter that she was his sister and that she had consumed too much wine.

Howarth then recorded himself stripping her naked and sexually assaulting her.

He allegedly transferred all of her money from her bank account to his and photographed her personal information, including her emails, passwords, social media accounts, and Apple ID, according to police.

The woman had no idea where she was or how she got there when she awoke the next morning.

Howarth informed her that she had handed her phone to a friend the night before, but that he had afterward sold it.

Howarth had “failed to take full responsibility for his predatory behavior” and weaved a “web of deceit,” according to Det Con Russell Clarke.

The case was “really startling,” he said because it featured the “premeditated sexual assault on a young woman.”

“Howarth paid no attention to her while he exploited her for his own sexual and financial avarice,” he added.


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