Rent-due tenants went home exhausted from work but were unable to enter because the landlord had secured the gate with a live snake.

The amusing occurrence occurred in Kenya’s Kitui town, near the Kunda Kindu neighborhood.

According to reports, the landlord, Samuel Kioko, alleged that the renters had failed to pay rent arrears for the months of September and October.

When all other attempts to convince his tenants to pay their rent arrears failed, the guy decided to take drastic measures.

Kioko waited until the tenants had gone to work before wrapping the snake around the latch of the building’s gate, making it difficult to open without being bitten by the snake.

Interestingly, the snake stayed on the gate without moving, despite the fact that it was not chained or restrained in any way. This led to speculation that the snake was a spiritual one.



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