After Manchester United defeated Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp downplayed his heated conversation with Bruno Fernandes.

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Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford scored goals for United on Monday night to surprise their fierce rivals 2-1.

After two losses to Brentford and Brighton, a late Mo Salah goal couldn’t prevent the Red Devils from securing their first victory of the year.

Klopp was helpless to do anything but watch as his Liverpool team collapsed on the field.

The German also aggressively approached United star Fernandes after the game, engaging in what appeared to be an intense argument.

Although they had a disagreement over how new United player Lisandro Martinez responded to a challenge, Klopp claims that their conversation was not harmful.

Martinez, according to Klopp, went down too easily in the tackle, but the Portuguese talisman argued that Fernandes made a meal of it.

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In his post-game interview, the Reds manager said, “It was not animated it was the most harmless conversation I ever had with a player, who was obviously as emotional as I was.

“It was the situation with Martinez, who went down under an ‘awful’ tackle that was obviously nothing.

“He [Fernandes] made a bit of it, he was talking to me and saying, ‘you’d do the same’.”

However, Klopp claims he and Fernandes’ conversation ended amicably despite their opposing views.

He added: “But it was fine after, he told me he needs these kind of conversations. Okay, it’s fine, use me!”

With his assertion that Liverpool deserved to defeat United, Klopp made headlines as well.

The German was dubbed deluded on social media by a slew of supporters who felt that United had deservedly won the game due to his twisted perspective on it.


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