Furious Jurgen Klopp has compared Football’s jam-packed schedule to the environmental disaster.

The manager of Liverpool, whose team today drew Fulham, says that not enough is being done to address this enormous problem.

A Premier League player that participates in every domestic, international, and European competition could play in up to 76 games this season.

And Klopp is furious that the Premier League stops for the World Cup weekend of November 12 and resumes on December 26.

The LFC boss said: “Everyone knows it is not right. Something has to change.

“It is like with the climate. We all know we have to change but nobody is saying what we have to do. If you go to the final of the World Cup, win or lose, there will be seven games.

“And then there will also be a third-placed game. And the league starts a week later.

“It is just not OK — but it was decided long ago. Everyone says it is for the right reasons… 

“I was not angry at all before I came here — but then we start talking about it and I get really angry..

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“Why don’t we just talk about it and do it properly.

“Let’s say, ‘Ladies and gentleman, Fifa, Uefa, the Premier League and the FA, let’s start talking to each other about this issue’.

“There must be one meeting where they all sit together and the only subject is the most important part of this game — the players.

“Some managers will talk about it from time to time but all the rest have their own interests and that does not make it easy.

“This World Cup happens at the wrong moment for the wrong reasons — but everything is fine.”

Virgil van Dijk, Alisson, Trent Alexander-Arnold, and Jordan Henderson are among the Liverpool players scheduled to compete in the World Cup in Qatar in November, which was postponed from this summer owing to the heat.

Meanwhile, Klopp began whining about the schedule last week.

The German expressed dissatisfaction with the Community Shield’s scheduling and felt that he had not been given enough time to prepare for the game, which they won 3-1 over fierce rivals Manchester City.

In an odd matchup, Liverpool will play Aston Villa in a friendly match on Sunday, a day after their season has officially begun.


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