Angel Maxine has stated that if the anti-LGBTQ law introduced to parliament is passed, he will commit suicide.

In an interview, he stated that he cannot live in a place where she will be unable to live freely owing to the laws enacted.

The first transgender artist in Ghana views himself as a woman and wants Ghanaians and the rest of the world to see him as such.

She has written two songs to condemn critics, “Wo fie” and “Kill the bill”, the words in her “kill the bill” song is telling the Members of Parliament not to accept the Anti-LGBTQ bill brought to them.

He believes he does not want to serve five years in prison for what he is doing now.

After he was asked by the interviewer what he would do if the bill is passed, he said; “I will kill myself if the bill is passed, I cannot stay in a country where there is a bill which is against my lifestyle”

According to him, a bill should not dictate his lifestyle, thus if the measure is passed, she will commit suicide.

Watch the video in the link below



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