The comeback that Liverpool made to win the Champions League in 2005 still troubles Gennaro Gattuso.

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Many people believe that the stunning comeback by the Reds made the European final one of the most exciting ones ever.

Before a historically rare comeback, Gattuso and his AC Milan teammates had easily cruised to a 3-0 advantage before halftime.

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And the former player, who is now Valencia’s manager, claims to have seen the Virgin Mary at the “Miracle of Istanbul.

“He said: “I’ve lost a Champions League final that I was winning 3-0 against Liverpool and I saw the Virgin Mary in person.

“I think that in football you have to respect it and always be at your best.”

Shortly after the break, Liverpool managed to score three times in a six-minute flurry that left the Italians in shock.

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After making two incredible saves in extra-time, Jerzy Dudek famously displayed “wobbly legs” in the penalty shootout to help Liverpool win their fifth Champions League championship.

And Gattuso has used it to influence his managerial philosophy.

Carlo Ancelotti also confessed using the iconic game to help Real Madrid win La Liga last season.

Gattuso, 44, took over as manager of Valencia in June after signing a two-year contract.

He recently refuted rumours that he declined the job at Fiorentina last summer because he had an agreement with Premier League team Tottenham.

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Instead, the Italian attributes his failure to relocate to London to the Spurs organisation.

He claimed: “Tottenham came later, then I didn’t go there to work for things that were not true. The Tottenham managers fell for it and I paid.

“When these things happen, it becomes difficult to defend yourself, luckily at Valencia the management supported me.”

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