Liverpool won the FA Cup for the first time since 2006 after defeating Chelsea on penalties for the second time this season.


And a remarkable review of the moments after the full-time whistle reveals that the two managers used the time before the shoot-out in quite different ways.

Geir Jordet, a football psychology expert, looked at what happened between the finish of the game and Marcos Alonso’s first kick.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp appeared to have already selected who he would trust from 12-yards just 60 seconds after referee Craig Pawson blew at the end of extra-time.

The German gaffer greeted each player individually and exchanged a few confidential words before hugging them.

The process was completed in 30 seconds, and Klopp gathered his team in a huddle for a speech, which lasted 15 seconds.

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel “was still rewriting his notes, and ultimately made his way into the huddle,” according to Jordet.

Credit: Twitter / @Geir Jordet

Tuchel spent the first few minutes after full-time reviewing his lineup, and Jordet believes he realised Liverpool had broken their huddle before the Blues even kicked off.

He then stepped into the middle of his players, still reviewing his notes.

Gareth Southgate did similar before England’s Euro 2020 penalty shootout loss against Italy last summer.

The Three Lions chief gathered his players before he finished his selection.

On Tuchel’s decision to do the same, Jordet says: “You’re late, not ready, become reactive, and what could have been a smooth final reminder to the team becomes erratic, rushed & stressed.”

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Tuchel confronts his players about their kicks in front of the entire squad when he enters the huddle, only increasing the pressure on each of them to react in front of their teammates.

While all of this was going on, Klopp was socialising with his players, maintaining a calm demeanour, and even sharing a giggle with Virgil Van Dijk.

Liverpool had the option of standing on either side of the midway line for the spot-kicks because they were ready first.

They chose to be closer to the touchline so that they could speak with Klopp and his team during the shoot-out.

Klopp’s easygoing demeanour appeared to mastermind the Reds’ success, creating the groundwork for his team to execute under duress.

The failure of Cesar Azpilicueta and Mason Mount to convert from 12-yards allowed Klopp and his team to win their second trophy of the season, with the possibility of more to come.


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