Ford has announced another recall for SUVs, this time affecting around 520,000 compact Ford Escape and Bronco Sport vehicles in the US. According to Ford and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, possible breaks in some cars’ fuel lines might result in fires starting beneath the hood.

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Ford recalls more than 500,000 SUVs after 20 fires break out.

According to the manufacturer, 634,000 of the SUVs are being recalled globally due to the issue.

In particular, some Escapes from model years 2022 through 2023 and 2021 through 2023 Bronco Sports with the 3-cylinder 1.5-liter turbocharged engine may develop cracks in the fuel injector. Due to this, fuel or fuel vapour could seep onto heated vehicle components and ignite a fire.

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Ford is not suggesting that owners stop driving their vehicle. The company stated that it only anticipates a very small percentage of vehicles to experience the issue. The company claimed to be aware of 20 fires that appear to be connected to this recent problem.

In a previous recall that also included the risk of fire, some of these SUVs were included. This recall, which was made public in March, concerned a potential leak that may allow oil to enter the car in areas where it might ignite.

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According to the firm, the majority of the cars recalled previously had the necessary repairs made. However, that does not imply that they are protected from the problem in this most current recall.

Ford dealers will install a software update that can find a potentially damaged injector as part of the latest recall. A warning light will appear on the dashboard of the car and engine power will be lowered if an injector crack is found. According to Ford, this will enable the user to locate a secure location to stop, pull over, and make a service call.

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Additionally, Ford dealers will put in a tube that directs spilled fuel away from the vehicle’s hot surfaces and down to the ground. Owners of the SUVs won’t have to pay for the necessary work to be done.

Ford stated that it has arranged with dealers to provide free pick-up and delivery of the vehicles for the required repairs. Additionally, owners have the option of visiting dealerships with their own cars.

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The Ford Escape and Ford Bronco Sport share a lot of engineering components. It has nothing to do with the larger Ford Bronco, a Jeep Wrangler rival SUV that is more truck-like.


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