Benjamin Mendy told woman ‘don’t worry, are you scared?’ before ‘trying to rape her when she came out of the shower’.

BENJAMIN Before attempting to rape one of his alleged victims after she exited the shower, Mendy allegedly inquired, “Are you scared?”, according to testimony given in court.

At a meeting in his residence, the Man City star allegedly targeted the woman, known in court as Woman One.

Jurors were told that she says Mendy, 28, followed her into the bathroom and tried to rape her.

She allegedly repeatedly ordered the France international to “stop” in French while he was squeezing her.

Don’t worry, he then assured her. Are you afraid?


Later, the lady messaged a friend to say: “I just got sexually abused by Mendy, if that’s the right word.”

In the text from October 2018, she added the phrase “wouldn’t let me go” to the football player’s claim.

Mendy is charged with two counts of attempted and actual rape against two women.

The French international was found not guilty of other offences following a trial, Chester Crown Court was informed yesterday.

Mendy followed Woman One into his bathroom while she was taking a shower, and the court was informed of his attempt to rape the woman.

She claimed she was “left in shock” when she noticed a “figure at the door” and realized the football player was “aroused” and wearing only his underwear.

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When Mendy remarked, “You don’t have to be scared,” the woman claimed she had wrapped a towel around herself and was attempting to put on her underpants.

He tried to rape her despite her numerous requests for him to stop before exiting the room, according to the jury.

Later, the woman admitted, “I was confused. Does anyone in his home know what is going on, for instance? Would it have mattered if I had said something? Since I didn’t know what was happening and they were in his domain and they were his pals, I refrained from screaming. Since I don’t usually scream, I just tried to fight my way out of it.

She allegedly had consensual intercourse with Mendy and a friend in a bar while traveling through Europe.

In October 2018, they agreed to meet up in Manchester, where she went out to eat and drink with Mendy and the friend.

Mendy allegedly threatened to return her phone if he could see her nude, prompting the complainant to remark, “I do not want to have sex with you,” as heard by the jury.

If you just take off your clothes,” he allegedly said. I only want to gaze upon you. I’ll keep my word and not touch you.

“I only want to see your appearance. I wish to view your body. I want to see your behind. You have such a large t***.

She then alleges that he sexually assaulted her as she resisted him and told him no. Mendy is charged with referring to the woman as being “too shy” after saying, “I’ve had sex with 10,000 women.”

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Mendy was listed as having been released by City on the Premier League website before the retrial.

The left-back’s contract expires at the end of this month, but the Premier League champions haven’t yet released their own list.

Mendy was acquired by City in 2017 at an estimated £49,2 million from the French team Monaco.

On August 15, 2021, he made his final appearance for the team in a 1-0 loss to Tottenham at the beginning of the previous campaign.

Pep Guardiola, the manager of City, announced in September 2020 that Mendy would miss at least a month of action due to an injury.

After being charged, he was subsequently suspended pending an inquiry.

Mendy contests one count of attempted rape and one count of rape.


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