Florentino Perez has vowed that if his team and fellow rebels are unable to revive the despised European Super League concept, “Football Will Die.”

Florentino Perez believes Football will die without Super League. (AFP)

The attempted secession in April was called off as nine of the twelve clubs withdrew in the face of an outpouring of support from supporters.

Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus, despite their current financial constraints, are keen to get the plans back on track.

When asked about the flopped Super League initiative this week, the haughty Perez, 74, said that football is becoming “distanced from the youth.”

Rather than advocating that ticket costs be reduced so that young people can afford to watch football, he insisted on the existence of a Super League, despite the fact that fans despise it.

Perez is concerned that oil-rich clubs such as Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City would dethrone his squad.

“The pandemic has made us live one of the most painful moments in the history of football,” he remarked at a Real Madrid press conference.

“The Super League is more than just a competition. It is attempting to alter the dynamics of football because if nothing is done, football would perish.”

 It is this effort that will eventually protect Financial Fair Play and hence prevent clubs, whether they are states or not, from obtaining significant financial support.

“It’s also about togetherness and commitment to building a football infrastructure, as well as respect for national championships. The agreements negotiated by the founding clubs clearly respect the national competitions. “

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The study demonstrates that many entertainment channels are separating football from young folks. We’re driving away our supporters.

“For example, until last season, Chelsea and Real Madrid, two historic teams, had never met. Ajax, another famous player, was compelled to play a preliminary phase the following year after reaching the semi-finals.

This is a format that should be phased out. The Super League’s will be open and may change depending on what is demanded at any given time.

“It is the obligation of Europe’s premier clubs to look after football’s future.” All operating costs and risks are borne by us, not by Uefa.

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The announcement by Uefa in April of a new format with more insignificant matches was a last trigger. A project that received a lot of criticism.

“The European Super League was announced by twelve of the world’s most important clubs, who established a business in Madrid.” Uefa denied any contact with the Super League and fabricated a tale. It is unacceptable for the head of Uefa to criticise the president of one of football’s most famous teams.

Threats and demands were said to have had no effect on three clubs with a total of 20 Champions League appearances. These organisations seek to ensure that football continues to attract the attention of new generations.

In any case, you must remind Uefa of Real Madrid’s existence. It is the most successful football club in history.

“And he has kept an eye on football’s traditions when they were in jeopardy.” He was a staunch supporter of the European Cup’s inception. Uefa demonstrated its radical hostility, and our president, Bernabeu, had to deal with their threats on a daily basis.

What’s more important, the Spanish justice has taken the matter to the European Court of Justice.”


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