David Beckham, a former Manchester United and Real Madrid legend, has sparked controversy after agreeing to a lucrative deal to be the face of the Qatar World Cup in 2022.

David Beckham to become the face of Qatar World Cup 2022

The Englishman has signed a ten-year contract worth a massive $277 million.

Next month, he will be introduced as the country’s global ambassador.

Beckham had previously spent a week in Doha (Qatar’s capital city) and spent time with the country’s dignitaries. He also paid a visit to all of the stadiums that will host the tournament in less than a year.

Due to the prominence he brought to the club during its early years, his tenure at Paris Saint-Germain also helped him grow closer to Qatar.

He’ll now be assisting in the marketing of tourism as well as the celebration of Qatar’s cultural heritage.


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