Winning the Carabao Cup isn’t exactly a financially rewarding achievement, as Liverpool’s prize money shows.

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While the total prize pool for the Champions League is over £75 million, the Carabao Cup wins hardly scratch the surface of that sum.

This year’s FA Cup winner will get a minimum of £3.4 million in prize money.

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The Carabao Cup, on the other hand, is nowhere near that figure.

According to The Mirror, the entire prize pool for the competition is a meager £200,000.

Each losing semi-finalist, Arsenal and Tottenham, received £25,000 as a small incentive for reaching the final four.

Only £150,000 remained to be split between the two remaining teams in the event.

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1st Ruuner up, Chelsea took home £50,000, while Liverpool took home the trophy and £100,000 in their coffers.

Although that figure excludes money made from ticket sales and broadcast appearances during the competition.

Even so, in comparison to previous tournaments, the £100,000 won for winning the tense penalty shootout is a drop in the ocean.

A thrilling match at Wembley ended in a 0-0 draw after extra time.

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That’s despite the fact that 4 goals were disallowed for offside during the contest.

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