Burkina Faso’s President, Roch Kaboré, is said to have been detained by mutinous soldiers.

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Some soldiers in the West African country have requested that military officials should be fired and that greater resources be allocated to combat Islamist insurgents.

Gunshots were heard overnight near the statehouse and at barracks in Ouagadougou, the capital.

On Sunday, the authorities dismissed reports of a military coup and the president’s detention.

According to foreign media sources, President Kaboré was detained at a military barracks by mutinous soldiers

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Armoured vehicles – supposedly deployed by the presidency – look to be blasted with gunshot holes and abandoned in the street in video from the capital.

Picture by Reuters

According to BBC reporter Simon Gongo in Ouagadougou, the city has reverted to normalcy. Soldiers have surrounded the state television headquarters, thus no live programming was broadcast on Monday.

Hundreds of people demonstrated in solidarity of the soldiers on Sunday, with some setting fire to the ruling party’s headquarters. Since then, a nighttime curfew has been established.

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The president’s whereabouts are unknown, but security sources told AFP that he and other government officials are at the capital’s Sangoule Lamizana barracks.

Since Sunday night, when he congratulated the national football team on their success in an Africa Cup of Nations match on social media, there has been no word from President Kaboré.

The situation in the capital is unclear, owing to internet outages and the lack of a statement from either the military or the government.

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The turmoil comes less than a week after 11 soldiers were detained on suspicion of organizing a coup.

However, in Burkina Faso, dissatisfaction has been building since the government’s inability to suppress an Islamist insurgency in the nation in 2015.


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