On the evening of July 19, 2023, Black Sherif, the VGMA Artiste of the Year, is said to have been detained at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA).

The ‘Kweku The Traveller’ singer was allegedly brought from the airport to the police headquarters in Accra on Wednesday as a result of a contractual violation regarding a gig that he failed to honor in Greece, according to numerous unsubstantiated allegations on social media.

The incident reportedly pertains on a show that was due to take place in Greece on July 4, according to blogger and radio host Kofi Adoma Nwanwani of Kofi TV, who also confirmed the news of the arrest.

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According to the information we obtained from the Police headquarters, he was chosen by the Ghana Police Service. “There are some developments coming from the camp of leading Ghanaian musician Black Sherif,” he stated.

For his act, Black Sherif allegedly demanded a price of US$40,000 and obtained half of it up front.

However, it appears that it is due to problems with the organizer of the event where he was contracted to play on a cruise ship in Greece after he paid US$40,000 and received half of the amount, the reporter said. “We called our sources but we are yet to call Black Sherif to hear his side of the story,” he said.

However, he didn’t play the concert as promised, which prompted the client to file a complaint against him.The musician was put on a stop list as a result of the legal issue, barring him from leaving the country. The host of Kofi TV, Kofi Adomah, said that Black Sherif was anticipating receiving the remaining cash following the conclusion of the show.

“He was astonished when the police stopped him, took him into custody, and brought him to the police headquarters. As of right now, they haven’t decided whether to grant him bail or how to talk to him about paying the money back, he continued.


Black Sherif was coming home from a tour of Europe where he gave performances at a number of music festivals, including Wireless and AfroNation in Portugal.

The music business and Black Sherif’s fans have been shocked by the news of his incarceration.

Black Sherif, one of Ghana’s most popular singers right now, has become one of the nation’s most in-demand performers because to his distinctive style and riveting live performances.

Fans and business insiders are eagerly anticipating additional information on the contractual dispute as details continue to emerge.


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