When your feet sweat a lot, your shoes may begin to smell, while wearing the same socks and shoes every day or having other foot-related issues can also cause your shoes to smell

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These simple, all-natural methods will prevent your favourite shoes from smelling:

•Baking soda

It removes the sweat-induced odour and moisture from your shoes.


Give your shoes a generous amount to work its magic in the course of the night. Additionally, you can load unused coffee filters with baking soda and fasten the ends with rubber bands. To avoid white residue, put one in each shoe and let them sit there all night. Once a week, perform this action.

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•Citrus peels

Fresh Citrus peels have wonderful aromas thanks to their essential oils.


You may easily fill your shoes with fresh orange, grapefruit, lemon, or lime peels and leave them overnight. Repeat this procedure every other day.

• Salt

By absorbing the moisture in your shoes, salt aids in the odour removal process.


Your canvas sneakers or shoes should be salted and left overnight. In the morning, thoroughly dust your shoes. This can be done each night to help ward off dampness.

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• White Vinegar

Acetic acid, sometimes known as vinegar, works well to eliminate odours and deodorise footwear.


50% water and 50% white distilled vinegar should be combined. Spray the interior and sole of your shoes with this solution, then allow them to air dry. This can be done once each week.

• Newspapers

This technique aids in absorbing all interior moisture and dampness, preventing the growth of bacteria.


When you take off your shoes in the evening, stuff them with some newspaper or paper balls and store them wherever air can circulate.

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