According to former Arsenal goalkeeper David Seaman, AARON RAMSDALE has to stop breaching his ‘code.’

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Ramsdale has pleased the renowned goalkeeper with ten clean sheets and 56 Premier League saves in his first season at the Emirates.

But one aspect of Seaman’s style that he wants the current No. 1 to eliminate is lambasting his defenders, something Ramsdale, 23, does on a daily basis.

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“I had this code with my defence, we don’t shout at each other,” said Seaman, a two-time title winner.

“If you make a mistake, we talk about it afterwards. He does need to be just a little bit aware.

“At the moment he’s not making mistakes.

“If he does make a mistake, then because he is having a go at his defenders, it gives them a right to have a go back at him.

“I don’t feel that gains anything on the pitch.”

Bob Wilson, a Highbury icon who appeared in 310 of the 874 total Arsenal appearances on the pod, also added: “I would have one word with him at this moment.

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“You’re doing brilliantly Aaron. The save at Leicester was sensational, one of the great saves ever.

“But there is one thing you need to restrain from doing and that is definitely yelling so publicly to those in front of you who make a mistake.

“It’s the only criticism I have of him. His distribution at the moment at times is amazing as well.

“I’m sort of in awe of him.

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“Although I was admiring the way he has dealt with the Bournemouth and the Sheffield United situations, I could never have predicted that he would hit the ground running the way he has and been instrumental in Arsenal being in a fourth or fifth position.”


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