Two armed robbers robbed a bullion vehicle worth more over GH107,000 in front of a store in Tarkwa, Western Region, on October 18, 2021, amid sporadic gunshots.

Bullion van robbed

The robbers were claimed to have followed the bullion van, which arrived at the Ransbet Super Shopping Market at around 9 a.m. to pick up the weekend sales and deliver them to the bank.

One of the robbers was claimed to have dressed up as a shopper and carried a gun.

There were no casualties since the armed guys robbed without resistance, according to reports.

The event was confirmed by the Western Regional Police Command, which said that investigations were still underway.

The bullion van arrived at the supermarket’s premises without a police escort, according to Mabel Dzedu, the supermarket’s manager.

“The robber entered the cosmetic shop and browsed about for a bit before selecting a drink and other products, paying for them at the counter, and waiting for them to be bagged,” he explained.

After the cashier on the Mon-Trans bullion van took the money from the supermarket and was about to put it in the bullion van, the robber — who was inside the supermarket — charged the cashier, snatched the money, and walked away to sit on the motorbike, which was being driven by the other robber, and sped away.

Mon-Trans was hired by the Super Market manager to transport money from the shop to the bank on a regular basis.

“When the bankers arrived, the team began counting the sales, and once the transaction was complete, they carried the money to the waiting bullion van,” she explained.

Bullion Van robberies have recently dominated the news, with the police taking smart efforts in collaboration with industry partners to stop the flood.


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